About Shaders

This was one of my many random experimental projects.
in this case i was experimenting with shaders in light of the unity agents project, which i was trying to optimise.
the shader i ended up deciding to use for that project was a diffuse vertex-colored shader, which allowed me to change the color of the mesh vertices rather than the material, which reduced the number of draw calls from 128 (1 for every agent) to 1 while still doing the exact same thing
apart from that, i've been experimenting with some other cool shaders, the screenshots show a vertex displacement shader, which converts any vertex' texture color into a positional offset.
it's quite important to note that these are 2 almost opposite things,


  • Duration: a few hours here and there
  • Languages: C# & GLSL
  • Frameworks used: Unity3d
  • External dependencies: none, really




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Source code

Not available(unreleased)

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