About Node-Based content generator

A software project intended to allow developers to have (parts of) the content for their games to be generated on-the-fly rather than pre-built. This allows for significant decreases in storage space in exchange for some pre-processing time.
the system is able to generate textures based on creation and combination rules and the intent is to add support for generating audio samples and music in a similar way.
by doing this you only need to save the rules that create the content and not the content itself.
this technique has the potential of saving upwards of 95% of the storage needed for texture and audio content in exchange for the processing time required to generate the textures at runtime and a slight restriction on the types of content as creating textures from rules is slightly less flexible than creating hand-drawn artwork.


  • Duration: <1 month
  • Languages used: C#
  • Frameworks used: Unity3d
  • External dependencies: Integration with the unity3d editor




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full source code is included in the main download

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