About AerialMoGE
(Aerialmage modular game engine)

An early concept project which considers the options for JIT compilation of all aspects of a game this allows mods to be freely added, and will allow pre-compilation mutability of other pieces of code
the way this would work is as follows: all content "packs" would follow a similar structure. all code and content within these content packs would be loaded into memory (as text initially) XML files can be used to replace the implementation text of certain functions (with conflict checking) once the text files are "finalised", they will be compiled to a single DLL file which is then loaded a hash will be created to verify if anything changed since the DLL file was created, if anything HAS changed since the last run, the compilation process runs again, otherwise the existing DLL file is loaded


  • Duration: 1 week so far
  • Languages used: Java
  • Frameworks used: Reflection
  • External dependencies: none




Once it's a functional package

Source code

Might be released along with the game engine, i haven't decided yet

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